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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Shithole Countries

Imagine this.

Someone comes into your house. Knocks down all the walls and puts up their own. They then declare this is the kitchen now where your living room once was. Your bedroom is the garage. etc.

Those assholes eventually leave, but they leave the utter destruction in their wake. But what's worse is now the new configuration of your home is permanent. You are not allowed to change the rooms back to what they used to be.

This really pisses off your roommate whose room was eradicated entirely so they are now forced to share space with your brother but they bicker and bitch all the time because one is a goth and the other is a hippy.

And now you're forced to choose sides between your brother and your roommate who also happens to be your best friend. If you choose one over the other then the one you don't choose is gonna be even more pissed and might burn the house down in retaliation.

Oh and your neighbor, who works with the original destroyers, keeps coming over to borrow sugar and milk and never letting you have any of the cake they are making with that sugar and milk. But they opened a bakery and are getting rich off of your sugar and milk.

Gee, I wonder why your place is now a shit hole?

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